The Downtown Association of Fairbanks has a vison that downtown is a vital, energetic, attractive center of business and community. That’s where downtown was trending prior to the pandemic, and that’s the course we set to make downtown a thriving place to live, work, play and visit.It’s an outcome always in the making, and revitalization requires a good many ingredients. So the Downtown Association has many roles it should play, but we focus on advocacy with local government to see that business needs for snow removal and security are met, and that infrastructure projects encourage downtown’s growth. We also field the Community Service Patrol year after year so that downtown and the community have a better (though not perfect) response to the intensive needs of chronically inebriated people found in public spaces. And we make downtown a thriving place to live, work, play and visit by hosting large community events.

Please donate to the Downtown Association and we will:

  • Keep you informed of our efforts to improve downtown.
  • Host major community events year-round when it is appropriate to do so again
  • Contribute financially to city government services by raising $110,000 of grants and private sector donations to give to the city of Fairbanks for the Community Service Patrol.

The Downtown Association of Fairbanks is a 501c3 and your donation is tax deductible.

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